Why you should offer a streaming device to your hotel guests

Why you should offer a streaming device to your hotel guests

Last updated: 19. April 2021

The hospitality branche is a very competitive market to participate in. There are so many Hotels, Airbnb’s, apartments, etc that all offer overnight stays. And every single one of them is looking to add value to their guests to make them choose for their service instead of others. One of the most important aspects these days is the in-room entertainment that you offer. To offer a streaming device to your hotel guests is a good starting point to improve this in-room entertainment and increase the overall guest experience. And we all know that even the smallest details count heavily. 

Currently 80% of U.S. households have an active subscription to streaming services like Netflix, HBO, Prime, Hulu, Disney and others. This is a higher percentage then U.S. households subscribed to ‚regular‘ cable television. These numbers are even higher with millennials and they want to watch these streaming services when they are in their hotel room or apartment.

Lots of millennials actually take a streaming device with them when they travel. But you can easily offer it yourself to add value to your room or apartment. 

To offer your guests a streaming device means that they can watch or listen to what they want, when they want it. They aren’t dependent on what is running on tv at the time.

Which devices could you use to offer streaming services to your Hotel guests

Larger Hotels can afford to have complicated and expensive systems, but there are great options for a smaller budget too! The main three options are the Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast and the Roku Streaming Stick. All offer options that cost less the 50€ and have an easy to use interface. You can pretty much install all the popular streaming apps on any of these devices. However both the Roku Stick and the Amazon Fire TV don’t have the the option to “cast” out of the box. This means that your guests always need to enter their credentials on your device rather than their own. Not everyone is willing to do this, so it might leave a bad taste. The Google Chromecast has this option build in.

Last but not the least option is the Smart TV itself. Modern TV‘s don’t really need an extra dongle as Streaming Device because you can download apps directly on your tv. But also these fail the option to be able to cast. 

We pick the Google Chromecast as Our number one choice to offer a streaming device to your Hotel or Apartment guests. Let me explain why:

Why you should use a Google Chromecast to offer streaming services to your hotel or apartment guests

For smaller hotels or people offering other short term rentals (STR) there is the option to use a Google Chromecast. 

A Google Chromecast is a small device made by, you guessed it.., Google! You can set it up to allow guests to interact with it. Basically the device allows users on the same wifi network to „cast“ content from their phone, tablet or laptop to play their own content directly on the TV. It works for most operating systems including iOS and Android. Casting means that your guests don’t need to enter any credentials into your devices or streaming apps, but they are logged in to their accounts on their phone or tablet. 

Like it’s competitors the device is relatively cheap and easy to install. And yet another benefit is that you can use a Chromecast with Google TV to offer your guest a personalized welcome screen on your tv using Simplify Screen to increase the guest experience even more!

It must be mentioned, of course there are some disadvantages too. One example is when all rooms use the same wifi connection, your personal data might be stolen by a very clever guy in the room next to yours. And this of course isn’t complying by the GDPR rules in Europe… The easiest way around is to give every room it’s own wifi access point with a different name and password. At home I am using Powerline adapters which you can set to different access points as well. No rocket science here 🙂

Other benefits of streaming devices in hotel rooms or STR‘s

The most important benefit by far is adding value to your service as mentioned above. By installing a 50€ streaming device in every room you rent out, you immediately improve the in-room entertainment a lot. Which results in a better guest experience. 

More 5 star ratings result in more Bookings

Another benefit might sound far fetched, but the more time your guests spend in their room, the more likely they‘ll order something from room service. Or take something from the mini bar. 

Also, both the Chromecast (with Google TV) and the Fire TV can be used as a personalized welcome screen in your hotel or apartment via Simplify Screen. Greeting your guests by their names and offer them all the necessary info in one quick glance is another improvement to the overall guest experience. 


The ability to cast we find the most important difference between all the streaming devices mentioned. So for us the Google Chromecast is the best streaming device to offer your hotel guests, or to attach to the TV in the apartment or Airbnb you rent out. Just make sure to keep everyone’s data safe!

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