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Simplify Screen runs on your Smart TV and welcomes your guests.

Give your guests that extra something by dynamically greeting them and giving them the information they need.

Guest Names

Easily personalize your guests' stay with their name on the TV. Simply connect your Google Calendar to show the names automatically.


Customize the screen with your logo and background image, as well as your colors. You can even add WiFi information or other text for your guests.


Show constant updates on the local weather directly on the screen. The current weather, as well as a maximum of 4 days forecast, can be displayed.

Get better reviews
with Simplify Screen

High-End hotels welcome guests with their name on the TV screen in the room, so why don't you? It provides that extra touch of luxury every guest longs for.

By showing your guests that they are special, you increase the chance of better reviews!

Better reviews mean more bookings on AirBnB, VRBO, etc.

Try Simplify Screen today for free*.

*14-Day free trial then from £8,99 / month excl. Tax - No credit card required!

Customize your screen to fit your brand.


Guest Names

Add your guests' names
to your Screen automatically


Easily display your WiFi information
right away to your guest


Local weather information
in perfect view


Show your guests
who you are with your logo


Add your custom background
and make it your own


Bring life to your screen
by adding a video from Vimeo

Your quality partner from Tirol, Austria

"Simply amazing, we now have several in our Golf suites. I highly recommend them."
Raphaela Gintsberger - Mühlberghof
"Since we started using Simplify Screens in our hotel, our guests have asked us about them several times. I will definitely add more in the future."
Christoph Hochfilzer - Hochfilzer Hotel

Use our
iOS App...

Built with you in mind, our app is easy to use and gives you access to your Simplify Screen settings anywhere you are. Make changes, updates & more on the go.

... or use
your Computer

You can access your Simplify Screen settings directly via this website. Of course, all of your settings sync across all of your devices.
Either way, changing your settings is super easy. You can turn on/off the elements that you need. It is up to you and how you want the screen to look.

Try Simplify Screen today for free*.

*14-Day free trial then from £8,99 / month excl. Tax - No credit card required!
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Simplify Screen.

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An affordable way to give your guests that luxury feeling. Start using Simpliy Screen today and show your guests‘ names, as well as other useful information right on the TV. Controlling your Screen has never been so easy, just download the iOS App or use your computer.
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